Monday, January 26, 2009

South Park Season 12 Episode 12 About Last Night...

"About Last Night…" Season 12 Episode 12 first aired on Wednesday, November 5, 2008
Succeeding the declaration of the election results, Barack Obama and John McCain lecture their supporters on nationwide TV as the South Park townspeople assemble to see. Randy and the other Obama boosters whoop it up and get drunk after drinking in the streets, while McCain supporters including Ike Broflovski and the Stotches sit despairingly indoors, feeling it’s the end of the world. Ike attempts suicide.
In a closed door meeting, Obama and McCain divulge that they are both members of team of master thieves who are plotting to steal the Hope Diamond. The thieves are figuring the whole country being deflected by the election results to buy them plenty time for the rip-off. Sarah Palin is also in on the plan, as is Michelle Obama.
Obama sways the Secret Service to allow him into the Oval Office, contending that he desires to get concepts for redecorating it before he is inaugurated. Obama gets the team in, and Palin gets the diamond, and they make their escape.

Meanwhile in South Park Randy, thinking that Obama's win means he will be financially set forever, abuses and beats up his boss. Cartman has capitalized of the bedlam to steal TV sets from people's houses and is now selling them from a cart hooked to his big wheel. More chaos ensues.
Before the thieves boards their plane with the diamond to leave the country, Obama declares that he is not coming with them; he wants to remain and try out being a literal president. In the meantime, at the Marsh residence, Randy awakens on the couch with a awfulhangover, finds both his pants and his TV are gone and finds out from Stan that he has been fired from his job for beating up his boss. Recalling that Obama predicted change, he shouts, "That son of a bitch lied to us! I knew I should have voted for McCain!"
Matt Stone and Trey Parker, produced only one shoot with McCain as he proved to be a big pain in the ass. The episode was finished the morning of the day it was broadcast, with Comedy Central examining only a few clips of the show in advance. Stone conveyed astonishment at how the filler speeches they wrote matched the subject of the literal speeches later listened to on Election Night

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