Monday, March 2, 2009

Who will kick Cartman's ass next?

Who will kick Cartman's ass next?
I loved it when Wendy beat the living daylights out of him as he deserved it for teasing her about breast cancer. token took a swing at him when Cartman insulted him with a racist insult and Kyle beat him up for giving him aids. Who is the next character you want to take try at Cartman?
I be certain either Stan or Butters. I mean, both of them have taken so much crap based on data from him, but never really finished anything about it. Especially ever since their both believed the more "peaceful" of all the boys and the very least would&wshyp;be to want to choose a fight. That might be hilarious.
That's utopia dude, one of reasons why Cartman puts Butters though all this stuff, besides the present he's so freakin naive, is cause Cartman knows so Butters is the only one who will never kick his ass for it.
If he ever tried such a on Stan, Kenny or whoever else, s**t is able to hit the fan.


zac said...

your wrong man cartman is the best character. he makes it so funny and i thought that episode were wendy beat him up was shit the only good part was wen cartman thought he was bad saying shit like wana throw down bitch and watch out for the killer titties. lol.

zac said...

BUT as cartman does get his ass kicked alot i reckon it will be kyle again.

cartmansapussy said...

I think for the humiliation of it, the next one to kick cartman's ass should be pip. they both get picked on by everyone and to see pip kick his ass and humiliate cartman would be funny.

cartmansapussy said...
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