Sunday, February 8, 2009

Pandemic 2 The Startling Sason 12 Episode 11

Pandemic 2 The Startling Sason 12 Episode 11 originally aired on October 29, 2008.
The installment opens up with a soliloquy by Craig, explicating what had occurred in the former episode. Craig ends his soliloquy when he is presented writing in a notebook after putting down in a imagined rendezvous point with two pilots, and the other four boys.Watch South Park episodes onlinehere.
The silver screen then stages to Colorado with Randy, Sharon and Shelly hiding out from the guinea pigs in their home, with Randy still taping the outcomes.
Guinea pigs are depicted to be lashing out all over the world. A guinea pig then smashes through the wall, and the Marsh family look for sanctuary in a whittled down bus.

In the meantime the pilot and co-pilot along with the five boys, puzzling out their "meet at Peru" design does not make any good sense, determine to walk through the jungle because their plane has run out of fuel. They soon come upon a monster area, occupied with jumbo fruit and honeycombs. The two pilots are wiped out by Baby Guinea pig bee larva; the boys then cut and run.

The guinea pig giants and shaky camera style of cinematography are a reference to the 2008 American monster movie Cloverfield

When Craig is dressed for his destiny, his outfit is similar to Link and what he stands on when fulfiling his destiny is a similar to the Master Sword based on data from The Legend of Zelda

Watch South Park episodes onlinehere.

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