Monday, February 16, 2009

Pandemic Season 12 Episode 10

Discovering all the Peruvian pan flute bands that have turned common lately, and the money they can make day by day by marketing CDs, Stan converts the other boys to begin their own pan flute band. They win over their classmate Craig to gift his $100.00 USD birthday money as risk capital. The plan boomerangs when the head of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security collapses down on all Peruvian flute bands, rounding them up and putting them behind bars in Miami, with the boys caught in the action. The boys undertake to win over their capturers that they are American nationals, but the DHS only accords to free the boys if they concur to go on a mission to bring down the country of Peru, in order that the pandemic of Peruvian flute bands at its origin. As the boys brace oneself for their suicide mission, Peruvian players still worked in the camp discourage guards that their incarceration will let loose the "Furry Death".

Meanwhile, Stan's father, Randy Marsh, raises the ire of his family by videotaping most any mundane household activity in on his new camcorder. His camera documents the rampage of giant (live action) guinea pigs with town. At the episode's conclusion, it is revealed that the head of Homeland Security is a little kind of monster behind the sudden arrival of guinea pigs running loose through the country, and such a the motive he sent the boys to Peru is because the only old customer who would thwart it is Craig.


jessi mery said...

este episodio es de lo mejor....cuando los cuys matan y a craig le sale rayos por los ojos..XD

jessi mery said...
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