Friday, December 12, 2008

Here are some of the most popular Quotes from South Park!

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South Park Quotes, Quotations, Sayings on animated TV sequence by Matt Stone and Trey Parker

Stan: Oh, my God! They killed Kenny.
Kyle: You bastards.
South Park

Eric Cartman: Respect My Authority!
South Park

Mr Garrison (on women's period): I only do not confidence everything which bleeds for uni days and does not die.
South Park

Cartman: I'm not fat. I'm big-boned.
Stan: No, Jay Leno's chin is big-boned. You are a big, fat ass.
South Park

Mr. Garrison: Hey, figure how everybody? I'm gay!
Principal Victoria: Mr. Garrison?
Mr. Mackey: What?
Mr. Garrison: I'm as gay as a gymnast on shore leave!
Principal Victoria: You admit it? You admit it!!!
Mr. Mackey: Oh, that is great, Mr. Garrison. You've eventually arrive to terms amid yourself!
Mr. Garrison: Yeah, it feels very good!
Principal Victoria: Well, congratulations!
Mr. Mackey: Yeah, congratulations!
Mr. Garrison: You know, I feel similar to I can embark on anew. If it is not alright in on you, I'd desire to go returning to teaching the third grade.
Principal Victoria: Oh. I'm sorry, we do not use gay people.
South Park

Kyle: Dude, Cartman, look! Your mom is on the paint of Crack Whore magazine.

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