Monday, December 22, 2008

Some more great quotes from SOUTH PARK!

Chef: "Come on, children. Let's go come to find ourselves a astronomical grey woman to cause sttink to."

Eric Cartman: "Drugs are bad when if you do drugs you are a hippie and hippies suck.

Hillary Clinton: What is keen on Brian?
Brian: Ms. Clinton, It seems overly terrorists own snuck a snuke up your sniz.
Hillary Clinton: [fanning face] Oh my.
Brian: What can we do? Can we disable the timer?
Alan Thompson: It will not own a timer. Snukes are detonated remotely. Whoever our terrorist is has the detonator in on him.
Brian: But subsequently who means-
Alan Thompson: Yes. If we do not provide too detonator, you in the town of South Park is going out to die. Forever.

Mrs. Garrison: Alright students, let us take our seats. Apparently we own a minimal challenges right here at the school, that we wish to terminology about.
Cartman: Ah, yes. [points to Kyle] You trigger the Jew problem. Good, good. I'm glad we are supposed to ultimately do somewhat approximately it.

Kyle:If you put somebody's weiner in your mouth, too instigates you gay, stupid!
Cartman: Nuh-uh!
Kyle: Yeah-huh!
Cartman: Kenny, the does not build me gay, huh?
Kenny: He he, which instigates you exceptionally f**king gay!


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